Monday, February 1, 2010

Air Asia Gave Me RM200 Compensation

Last two week, sy berpeluang utk bercuti ke Sabah. Ini adalah kali kedua sy bercuti di Sabah. Sepanjang 4 hari di sana sy berjaya menjelajah sepertiga kawasan di negeri Sabah iaitu bermula dr Tawau - Kunak - Lahad Datu - Kinabatangan - Sepilok - Semporna dan kembali ke Airport Tawau. Pada hari berlepas ke Tawau, on schedule flight supposely pkl 2.50ptg tp delay to 3.30ptg then delay lg smpi pkl 4.20ptg br boleh terbang sbb ade masalah teknikal. Dalam lebih kurang pukul 6ptg, pilot announce that flight kena patah balik to LCCT sbb technical problem...huhuhu,kat bawah lautan terbentang luas...then pilot announce lg "kita akan tiba dengan SELAMAT di LCCT lebih kurang pkl 7.15ptg",pkl 7.10 smpi LCCT dengan SELAMATnya...huhuhu.. Then kena tunggu flight seterusnya yg baru balik dr Medan utk teruskan perjalanan ke Tawau. Pkl 8.20mlm baru la berlepas ke Tawau & menghirup udara Tawau dlm pkl 11mlm.,mmg stewardess International flight mmg cun2 belaka...kenapa la Air Asia ni pilih kasih,letak domestik stewardess yg so so je...hahaha. Tp, nak puji skit la ttg Air Asia ni..sepanjang hari melayan flight delay, x rasa tak marah sbb berpuluh-puluh kali dengar staff Air Asia mohon maaf..siap dpt makan & minum lg,huhuhu...that why i choose Air Asia...Now Everyone Can Fly..Mm..balik je dr Sabah, dpt email dr Air Asia. Please redeem your RM 200 compensation voucher. Yahooo..free2 je gi Tawau,dah la tiket pegi balik termasuk semua kos (airport tax+luggage+seat) = RM 130 je. Dah boleh merancang utk pegi berholiday lg & i choose Phuket. Hahaha..tiket pegi balik Phuket plus all charges RM227 je..tmbh RM27 jela then Phuket here I comeeeeee....Phuket Menjerit...hehehe. So kat sini, just wanna share with u all, what is the RM200 compensation all about?????

Frequently asked questions

1. What is AirAsia's On Time Guarantee?

AirAsia provides its guests a guarantee that they will receive compensation for flights that are delayed by more than 2 hours from the scheduled time of flight departure;

Scheduled time of flight departure means either:

* the time that is printed on the itinerary; or
* any new scheduled flight departure time which we have advised the guests not less than 24 hours from the original scheduled time of flight departure on the itinerary, whichever is the later.

2. What delays are covered by AirAsia's On Time Guarantee?

Any delay caused by AirAsia, but not delays resulting from bad weather, air traffic control, airport closures, strikes, natural disasters and any other circumstances beyond our control.

3. When is rivised AirAsia's On Time Guarantee effective?

For all flights commencing 01st November, 2008.

4. Is there any cost for AirAsia's on Time Guarantee?

There is no extra cost to AirAsia's guests.

5. Who qualifies for this Guarantee?

Guests who have checked-in and proceeded with their journey despite the delay. However, guests on AirAsia X flights (airline prefix D7 only) are not eligible for the guarantee as pre-existing recovery measures are available.

6. What is the compensation for such a delay?

RM200* in the form of an AirAsia E-Gift Voucher. (THB1,800; RP500.000 or USD55)

7. How do guests claim for this compensation?

All eligible guests affected by such a delay will receive their AirAsia E-Gift Voucher within three (03) working days of the delayed flight via email. Therefore, please ensure that their email details are correct at the time of booking.

8. What can I use the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher for?

You may use the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher to purchase your next AirAsia flight.

9. How many times can I use the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher?

The AirAsia E-Gift Voucher may be used only once for a one time payment for one booking. This means there will be no change given should the value of the booking be less than the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher.

For bookings where the value is more than the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher, all outstanding fares and fees due must be paid using a credit card acceptable to AirAsia, in order to complete your booking process.

10. Do I have to use the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher within a certain period of time?

Yes. The validity of the E-Gift Voucher (OTG compensation only) is 3 months from the date of issue, as stated on the Voucher. All terms and conditions of the AirAsia E-Gift Voucher will apply except for the validity period.

11. Do I need to purchase additional insurance?

All guests are advised to purchase additional insurance to cover any other irregularities or areas relating to their travel.

Mr Tony Fernandes, Group CEO, AirAsia said, “AirAsia On Time Guarantee is aimed to create a fair and positive experience for our guests and to give us more motivation to strive for better performance in the future. It is noteworthy to highlight that AirAsia’s on-time performance is 10 minutes ahead of the industry’s standard and occasionally, arrive earlier than the scheduled expected time of arrival.”

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