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Earn Money With Google Adword

Google provide a service called Google Adwords. Basically, you can pay to have an ad for your site (or any site you wish to promote) to be displayed in Google's search engine results. Google and Yahoo both offer this type of advertising, which is referred to as pay-per-click (PPC). It works by you selecting several key words that you expect people to search for, and that are relevant to what you are advertising. You then write a very short text add including a link URL (the site that the person will be taken to upon clicking on your ad).

This is the actual ad that will be displayed. When someone searches for one of the keywords you have selected, your ad will be displayed in the Google's search results.

Lets try to find some ads on Google now so that you understand what we are talking about. Open your browser and go to Google. Lets type "make money" and press the search button. Now, as usual the results will be displayed on the left of the page, but if we look all the way to the right of the page we can see 8 short ads running down the page. These are Google Adwords ads.

Now that you know what the ads are and where they are, lets look at what happens when someone finds your ad and clicks on it. Whenever someone clicks on your ad and is taken to the site you have linked the ad to, you have to pay the search engine a normal pre-defined amount of money. You have to pre-define the largest amount you are willing to pay each time your ad is clicked. However, other people will be advertising using those same keywords, so you have to compete with them for the price. Whoever is willing to pay the most will have their ad displayed first. If you are willing to pay too little your ad might be buried under thousands of other ads making it unlikely for anyone to see it. In Effect you bid for ad position with the other advertisers. However, price isn't the only factor to determine ad positioning. The relevance of your ad to the search plays a part too.

Before we go on to seeing how to use Google Adwords to make money within 30minutes, it is critical that you understand how it works. If you are still confused then visit the following link and read Google's own explanation of what Google Adwords is, and how it works.

First of all, if you already have a website, then you can use Adwords to send more visitors to your site. However many of you will not have a site. This means we first need to find something to advertise. In other words, we need to become an affiliate for a certain product or service. Affiliates are simply people or organisations that partner with a producer of a product or service, and attract people to the producer's site where their product is advertised. If the visitor you send makes a purchase, you (the affiliate) receive a percentage of the profit from the sale, from the producer. Payments are usually organised through a third party. The most popular for information products is ClickBank and PayDotCom.

To pick a product to advertise we have to visit ClickBank/PayDotCom, and browse through the products you can become an affiliate for. Choosing a product can be quite difficult so we have outlined a few simple guidelines:

1. Don't pick a product that's outrageously expensive.

2. Only pick products where you receive at least 50% of profits from the sale.

3. Use common sense, and choose products that are likely to interest people the most.

4. Pick a product that you can write a good ad for.

5. Pick a product that you think is unique and that will not have a large number of competitors bidding for the same key words.

Once you have picked your product you need to take 2 minutes to sign up to ClickBank/PayDotCom. You will receive a unique ClickBank/PayDotCom ID which you need to attach to the URL of your ad. Don't worry if that's confusing it will all be explained by ClickBank/PayDotCom.

Now we have to go to Google Adwords, and sign up. Bear in mind that both ClickBank/PayDotCom and Adwords are free to sign up to. Once again, read through the Adwords pages and help center to get accustomed to how to use it.

The last step is to combine the 2. Use Adwords to write an ad for the product you choose at ClickBank/PayDotCom. Insert the products URL at the bottom of the add (be sure to include your unique ClickBank/PayDotCom in the URL!), then select your keywords, set a maximum price per click, and boom! Your done.

ClickBank/PayDotCom will pay you by cheque, twice a week, no matter what country you are in. You are also can received payment through PayPal (more easy & faster way). If you don't have a PayPal account yet, CLICK HERE to register.

p/s : Sy dah try cara nie,mmg boleh buat,kena set kat adword regional US sbb kalau set Malaysia & Asia mmg cannot go sbb kebanyakkan produk kat Clickbank & PayDotCom tu org US yang minat lagipun harga semua dlm USD. So, kalau nak try set regional US k. Nanti sy akan tulis satu lg topik macamana nak dapat kredit percuma untuk iklankan produk kat Google Adwords ni.

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